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Your trusted source for business transactions, structure, strategy and funding.

Proven Return.

Maximum Equity.

Peace of Mind.

We help you navigate the complex details of any business transaction or capital offering.

About Us

Based in the Puget Sound Region, we work with local and international businesses to increase your efficiency, expertise and most importantly, your earnings. We assist with estate and financial planning so you may prepare for your next venture in business or life. At Roupp Acquisitions, we are interested in assisting you with your business concerns – because when you succeed, we succeed.

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Our Services

Mergers and Acquisitions services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Assessment Services

Strategic Assessments

Advisory consulting services

Advisory & Consulting

exit planning services

Exit Planning

"In my mind, every business starts with one idea and with one person with the nerve enough to sign their name on the bottom of the page to make it happen. That's what I love about business."

What is my business worth

Why Us?

sell my business

We have a proven track record of netting our clients a minimum of 2X our fees more than they could do on their own.

Experienced team

Our team is made of experienced business professionals bringing extensive resources for marketing, accounting, tax and legal support.

buy sell transactions

We care about all parties. In the end, it is about finding the right fit: for buyers, for sellers, for you and for us.

roupp acquisitions business selling services

"A consultative approach to each and every business transaction, providing you with what you need, from start to finish."

Sponsor Roll-Up

Capture the maximum equity you have built in your company.

With our sponsor roll-up pool, you get the benefit of a financial backer (sponsor), increased valuation from multiple investments (roll-up), and strength in numbers when companies join together for a collective benefit (pool). By participating in a middle market sized transaction such as this when it’s time to exit, you can sell your business for a guaranteed premium.

Sponsor Roll-Up Pool

Past Projects

Roupp Acquisitions

What Others Say

"If you are thinking of selling or buying a business, then I highly recommend Michael Roupp of Roupp Acquisitions Inc. In a recent transaction, Michael did a great job of analyzing the fair market value of my client’s business, as well as finding a suitable buyer and guiding my client through the entire sale process from the letter of intent to closing."

- Patrick J McGowan, Attorney at Law

Do you know how much your business is worth?

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