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Pacific Northwest Terminal

Transaction Details

  • Company Name: Pacific Northwest Terminal

  • Address: 1749 Marine View Dr Tacoma, WA 98422 US

  • Company website:

  • Purchase date: 2014

  • Transaction type: Buy / Sell Transaction

  • Buyer: Emerald Services



Pacific Northwest Terminal provides storage for bulk quantities of tallow (a rendered by-product from animal slaughter) and restaurant grease from its Port of Tacoma site in Washington State. The products are sold overseas where they are used in diversified production such as; Oleic Acid (lubricants, textiles, shampoo, emulsifiers, cleansing cream), Glycerine (inks, glues, solvents, antifreeze, explosives), Stearic Acid (rubber, tires, lubricants, esters) and Linoleic Acid (esters, lubricants, paints). In addition, tallow is used in soaps & detergents, candles, surfactants, plastics, bio-diesel and more. Pacific Northwest Terminal currently stores non-edible animal fat and grease products in tanks storing between 340 to 700 metric tons each. Product is transported to the Company by truck or rail car. During storage, the tallow is allowed to harden. In order to transfer the tallow, it must be heated using an in-tank steam coil system powered by one its three boilers. When liquefied, the product is pumped through underground pipes to a rail car, vessel, or truck for shipment.



Pacific Northwest Terminal has operated from its current location, adjacent to the Port of Tacoma, since May 1989 and leases its land and all office buildings from an unrelated party under a 20-year lease, which was effective February 1, 2008. The facility consists of more than 40 welded steel slant and cone bottom tanks with total capacity of 19,440 metric tons. These tanks are not rated for food products. Each tank has heating coils for heating the product with steam. The facility is served by transportation modes; Truck, Rail, and Vessel. With Rail being serviced by both Burlington Northern and Union Pacific railways giving PNWT the ability to receive and deliver product North, South, East and West and by sea.



Tank farms are located near easy access to waterways as much of the product is shipped to the Pacific Rim and Mexico with occasional shipments to South America. In the western U.S., competitors for storing of rendered products are located in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Typically, one or two vessels are loaded each month. Pacific Northwest Terminal does not take title to the product it stores. The Company's customer base has remained relatively unchanged over the last 30 years.


Growth and Expansion

The company has been in business for 30+ years and in the last 6 years has average gross revenue of $1.740M, adjusted EBITDA of $587,000 and 33% average net margin. Currently, the Company does very little in the way of outbound marketing, relying instead on its reputation, word-of-mouth, and its existing relationships with long-term customers. The Company has isolated several areas for expansion and diversification from storing more than tallow such as; bio fuel, corn syrup, liquid salt (liquid ammonium acid pyrophosphate) or increasing shipping capacity through expansion of the rail line.


Reason for Selling

Part of a planned family group divesture.


Support and Training

Ample transition training will be included in the purchase price.


Next Steps

For more information, contact Roupp Acquisitions Inc at; or give us a call at 206.915.9635.


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