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Mug Solutions Inc.

Transaction Details

  • Company Name: Mug Solutions Inc.

  • Address: 1942 Como Lake Ave Coquitlam, BC V3J 7V7 CA

  • Company website:

  • Transaction type: Financing / Funding Opportunity



MUG Solutions Inc. is an award winning Canadian company which has developed and patented a spring loaded metal flap attaching under a manhole cover thereby preventing biohazards (such as used syringes) and debris (water, road wash, mud, human waste, etc.) from entering manhole covers through the pick holes. MUG Solutions provides the ONLY permanent solution preventing such contaminants from being deposited or flowing into these utility workspaces thereby almost eliminating the cost and time wasted cleaning the utility areas below.



Seller is open to various structures including royalties.


Reason for Selling

The company is now seeking out companies that are interested in licensing the technology exclusively or in outright acquisition of technology for key markets.


Next Steps

For more information, contact Roupp Acquisitions Inc at; or give us a call at 206.915.9635.


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