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Transaction Details

  • Company Name: Luxel

  • Address: 60 Saltspring Dr Friday Harbor, WA 98250 US

  • Company website:

  • Purchase date: 2007

  • Transaction type: Buy / Sell Transaction

  • Buyer: Individual



The Company is a pioneer in its field. Their proprietary technology is used in multiple applications with a focus on the design, development, production and distribution of specialty products for astronomical, energy, biomedical and other scientific disciplines. All products are proprietary with the designs owned by the company. Some products have been in production since the early seventies. The functions of concept, research, design, manufacture, sales, distribution, administration and logistics are all performed from one West Coast location. The customer satisfaction focus is on high performance with the highest possible quality, and timely responsiveness to the customer’s needs. The customer base is global and consists of private, institutional and both primary and subsidiary government agencies. The ideal purchase candidate is a senior manager with an engineering background and a passion for finding solutions to significant scientific and engineering problems within the Company s fields and one with a marketing skill-set to grow the Company to the next level of development.



The facility consists of two single level buildings with expansion capability. The seller will consider a first right to purchase the facilities. The manufacturing assets include the latest generation of self-created high tech production equipment, a prototype and production machine shop equipped with CNC machines and CAD software and a clean room. The lab has extensive testing and measurement equipment plus nanotech instruments and a lengthy list of diagnostic instruments plus office equipment along with furnishings.



The nature of the products is proprietary and for some products the Company is the only provider.


Growth and Expansion

In addition to the established products there are new product development projects plus others in the early planning stages that are projected to have significant commercial application.



SBA financing available. Seller will finance 20%.


Reason for Selling

The sale is part of a planned retirement.


Support and Training

The Seller is planning to phase out as needed by the new Owner. The Seller will provide a transition period over several months as part of the purchase and would be interested in providing ongoing consulting services. These services would be negotiated based on the needs of the new Owner.


Next Steps

For more information, contact Roupp Acquisitions Inc at; or give us a call at 206.915.9635.


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