Roupp Acquisitions strives to exceed our clients expectations. Our success is a direct result of our reputation and ability to achieve results for our clients.


We have a proven track record of netting our clients a minimum of 2X our fees more than they could do on their own.

At Roupp Acquisitions, we are interested in assisting you with your business concerns – because when you succeed, we succeed.

What Our Partners Say About Us

"Michael's relaxed style and excellent communication skills make him an outstanding teacher, counselor, and business consultant. What's most remarkable is his ability to convey realistic ideas in simple, pragmatic, narrative terms. He makes it so easy!"

Aaron Heideman
Owner, Heideman Advertising

"Michael was instrumental in helping restructure our company through a challenging transitional period. As a board advisor, he is professional, insightful and balances unique ideas with a healthy dose of reality."

Andrew F. Toyota
CEO, iSeer Inc.

"Michael's attention to detail sets him apart. He researches every industry that he is working with quite actively. He is very much an enthusiastic person with a disarming way about him which makes him easy to talk to and enjoyable to work with."

Jaye Lynn Schneider
Attorney, Schneider Law Firm

"Michael was a significant help to me last year when I was looking for a manufacturing business. I worked with dozens of Business Brokers and M&A firms at the time and can sincerely tell you that Roupp Acquisitions was at the top of my list in terms of the quality of the deals they represented and their overall professionalism, so when Mike drops me an email it gets my attention."

Joe Reback
Buyer Candidate,

"Michael is a stand out in the business broker community. He is reliable, thoughtful, highly knowledgeable, and keenly focused on delivering the best experience and result to his clients. His diligence and commitment in working with business buyers and sellers is readily apparent. And beyond his great track record, he is truly a joy to work with."

Joel Petersen
Financial Advisor, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

"When my clients ask how to find a buyer for their company, I have a short list of business brokers that I recommend. One of the best in the Puget Sound Region is Michael Roupp of Roupp Acquisitions. He provides expert services to buyers and sellers alike, and diligently researches each client's industry and strategic opportunities. His expertise is backed by an excellent network of service providers which enables him to guide clients through all phases of an acquisition or divestiture transaction."

John A. Myer
Attorney, Myer Law PLLC

"The process of selling a nightclub is a challenging task. Michael Roupp dealt with every unique buyer candidate with great professionalism, skill, and finesse. Even after several grueling attempts to finalize a deal didn't go as planned, he continued to work hard and always went the extra mile until the right buyer was finally found and the deal was closed. Even post closing, Michael keeps checking in on me, offering to help with a variety of other business and personal financial matters. He cares about his clients."

John Goodman
Seller, Wild Buffalo House of Music

"Michael is frank and honest. He makes finances and the risk/rewards of deal structure easy to understand for the lay person. Michael really does the research and he's straightforward with his clients. He doesn't just tell them what they want to hear, he lays it on the line - clearly - and people appreciate that."

Lauren Ziemski
Owner, Junk Drawer Consulting

"You helped us get through the biggest life changing decision we've ever made. Roupp Acquisitions came highly recommended and you more than lived up to their praise. Michael's courtesy, professionalism, great sense of creativity and calm helped us achieve the results two other brokers were unable to. You exceeded expectations and made what could have been a stressful transition very comfortable. Thank you for making the selling of our company (our baby) such a wonderful experience."

Maria & Mark Tebbutt
Seller, Professionals Guild

"You are to be commended for the manner in which you handled the sale of Livingston Boats, Inc. Because of your hard work and determination, despite a slow economy, you were able to find the right buyer for LBI and assure the best deal for me. This shows a fine matter in which you were able to understand our boating market and our brand during the worst of times for our industry. As owner of LBI, I want to express my appreciation for your integrity and hard work to make the sale happen smoothly."

Richard E Clarke
CEO/Owner, Livingston Boats, Inc.

"Our company needed to secure second-tier funding and contracted the services of Roupp Acquisitions. From this decision and experience working with other US brokerage services, Roupp Acquisitions have undoubtedly outperformed all other Brokerage companies, and provided more investment clients with tendered proposals over the past six-months than other contract services. Michael Roupp does not let any balls drop and consistently generates options."

Robin B Friday, Sr.
CEO, Wildlife International Network