Business Acquisitions and Strategies

8 Steps To Selling Your Business For A Premium

COMPANY TRANSITION: 8 Steps to Sell Your Business for a Premium Purpose Of This Report The purpose of this report is to provide you with the critical steps to take in preparing your company for a transition. You may ... Read More

Disability Insurance Interview

An educational interview on selling an insurance company with relevance across all industries. Your browser does not support the audio element. ... Read More

Coastal Marine Engine and Canal Boatyard Sale Finalized

Roupp Acquisitions Inc is very proud to continue its success in the marine industry with the sale completion of Coastal Marine Engine Inc ( and Canal Boatyard LLC (http://www.canalboatyar ... Read More

Selling a Business: Getting What You Need

We received this wonderful white paper from Bernstein Global Wealth. With their permission we are reprinting a portion. You can download their full paper here ( ... Read More

Small Business Jobs and Credit Bill Highlights

It’s official! Selected Provisions Affecting 7(a) and 504 Reid Amendment 4594 to H.R. 5297 (Small Business Jobs & Credit Bill). Here is a recap. SBA Credit Incentives: • Fee Reductions: extends the authority for 7(a) a ... Read More

Where is the Dose of Lithium?

The news this year has been a mixed bag thus far. From market momentum to market corrections to politics to volcanos to oil spills to sovereign issues around the globe the very ground we stand on has seemed unstable. All-i ... Read More

Radio Interview on Business Talk Radio

Looking forward to being interviewed on ( with Mike Siegel this afternoon. I’ll post the podcast if all goes well. ... Read More

Timing is Everything

It is no secret when purchasing a business you are going to kiss a few frogs before finding a solid company within your wheelhouse that excites you. 2009 has shown less than normal inventory levels for the solid to exceptional  ... Read More

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Company?

The short answer: before you need to. Too often we are approached by Sellers with time constraints creating pressure to sell their company in less than ideal conditions regardless of the prevailing economy. Such pressures could ... Read More

What Makes a Business Desirable?

Sellers often ask, what maximizes the value and probability of selling a business? Buyers often ask, what are the key ingredients to look for when purchasing a business? In most cases, the answers are the same for both Buyers a ... Read More